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Hostel Oasis


The Oasis Hostel is located in the center of Granada and is the ideal place to relax. There is a pool, which invites you to swim, a bar, with delicious “cervezas”, and a garden, in which you can end the day. Throughout the day you can drink free coffee and tea or prepare your own food in the communal kitchen. The Oasis is not only good for staying overnight, but also offers a lot of sightseeing in Granada or in the surrounding area. For example, there are daily excursions to the crystal clear Apoyo Lagoon or to the Masaya Volcano. Depending on the day of the week, there are movie nights, free rum and coke nights or other activities. What backpackers like most, besides the great amenities, is that each room has enough fans and outlets, and the beds are very comfortable.

Check-In from 14:00 to 22:00h
Check-Out before 11:00h

pool hostel backpacking party
Hanging out in the pool in the Oasis hostel is recommended at warm days. | © Sasha Kaunas

Offers at the Oasis Hostel

  • Free all-you-can-eat breakfast with pancakes
  • Coffee and tea all day long
  • Free filtered drinking water
  • A pool to relax in with a cerveza
  • Activities everyday and specific theme days
  • Free rum and coke during happy hour

Top Things todo in Granada

The hostel organize cheap tours around Granada, which vary day to day. So always keep an eye open for activity signs and what’s going on the next days. My personal favorites were the party at the treehouse and the Las Isletas kayak tour. The party can be booked in the hostel and the kayak tour via the link.

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Granda old town city center travel
A walk through the beautiful old town of Granada is worth it. | © Azzedine Rouichi

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